Top 5 Textsheet Alternatives – Updated List 2020

In this article let us discuss in detail about textsheet and the reason why textsheet got closed and top alternatives of textsheet available today.

What is textsheet?

Textsheet is a website used by many students and teachers to find answers to their subject related school or collage projects or assignments. It was started n the year 1999. It was popular among students to find a solution for their homework and subject-related queries for free. It helped many students to do their homework and assignments very easily. Due to its accuracy and easy accessibility, it was quite popular among the teachers and students.

Why is it banned?

Whenever a student types for a query in the text box of textsheet, the answers are found to be got by chegg API. Chegg is known to be an alternative to Textsheet. Due to copyrights issue raised by Chegg, textsheet had to be banned and removed from the internet completely.

Top 5 alternatives of Textsheet 2020 Updated List:

Let us discuss in detail about the top 5 alternatives of textsheet any students can make use of.

1. Chegg

As we all know chegg is an alternative website to textsheet and it is almost in the market for 20 years helping students with their studies. Chegg helps students with any kinds of subject queries and it almost deals with 80 subjects and many other courses. Chegg is the best alternative to help students with their homework and subject related queries. You can find chegg in play store and app store. As Textsheet, Chegg is not free of cost. Students must take monthly or yearly subscription to use chegg. One more additional feature which chegg provides is video calling, your query will be solved very fast by video calling to the experts.

2. Slader

Slader is yet another independent online coaching website which is very popular in US. Students find slader very convenient to use and you can find a solution to any kind of subject related query here. To get the accurate content you are searching for, just scan the bar code in your textbook or simply type the title of the book.
Slader can cover up 90% of the answers you are searching for and this is one of the best sites which helps students work their assignments easily without paying much. It is free to use, but to avail some add ons you need to pay a minimum sum of money.

3. Course Hero

Course hero is also an online coaching website for students and it is also the best alternative for textsheet. This online brand is widespread among students and it helps a lot providing any kinds of solution to the students. You can easily find your answer by simply typing the question directly or type the name of your school to find out your syllabus to get your answers accurately. It is free of cost and it provides almost 25 million courses to the students.

4. Crazy for study

Crazy for study is also an alternative for textsheet providing over 50 million books to solve any sort of student’s queries. Students find this website more useful and easy for searching and finding any acadamic help. If you cant find an appropriate answer to your question, you can directly post your query in case of unavailability. They also give some subscription offers to the students. So choose your plan accordingly and make use of the website.

5. Study LIB

Study lib is more like a library to a student. Students find this website more useful and it is free of cost. You can find a solution to your query and simply download it directly from the homepage. So it is likely to be more user-friendly and a great place for a student to solve their assignments. It also includes many subjects like mathematics, engineering, social studies and all kinds of science-related subjects, accounts and many more.

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