The best slow motion apps for android Updated list 2020

The flagship smartphones today come with exciting features such as zooming, editing, storage capacity, camera clarity, etc. On the other side, cheaper mobiles are also increasingly providing exiting features on their mobile phone. In this article let us discuss on the top 8 slow-motion application present in play store.

What is a slow-motion video?

Slow-motion is a video that is recorded at a slow speed showing more clarity to every moment in the video. Slow-motion is usually referred as slo-mo and it is present in most of the phone. The slow-motion videos are quite interesting and entertaining to play with. If your mobile doesn’t support the slow-motion feature you can simply download slow motion app to shoot slo-mo videos in your android device.

Top 8 slow motion apps in android

1. Slow Motion Video FX

Slow Motion Video FX

This is one of the best slow-motion app available on Android. This app allows you to edit the old video or shoot a new slow-motion video. This apps gives you smooth and natural effect to the video and it doesn’t show up any watermark or logo of the app in the video. You can easily download the new video you shoot in your gallery. This app is free to use but the pro version gives you an ad-free experience and few ads on filters.

2. Fast and Slow motion video tool

Fast and Slow motion video tool

Fast and slow motion app helps you to edit the entire or any particular part of the video either in the slow or fast format without affecting the original video. This app is easily available in play store which is free of cost (with ads). This app allows you to manage the speed of the video you need either to max fast or max slow. You can save the video in any of this asf, Avi, Flv, mp4, Wmv formats.

3. Hudl technique

Hudl technique

This app is mainly used by athletes to analyze their performance. This app also helps to get a closer look at the way you play. This app helps players to analyse what went wrong and how to improve the ways to play. This app provides 240 frames per second to get the most accurate look and also provides with the option to compare two videos or clicks to analyze how they have improved.

4. Video Shop

Video Shop

Video shop is one of the best video editing app. Using this app you can edit videos, add special and voice-over effects. You can apply filters to particular clip or to the entire video. You can either shoot a slow-motion video or edit the already existing video to slow-motion effect. There are so many video editing options such as trimming of video, adding special effects, reversing video, adding images, etc.

5. AndroVid video editor

AndroVid video editor

Android video editing app will provide you with the best video editing experience even for the beginners. This app also provides so many features such as video filters, music addition and many more.

You can join two different clip and merge it into a single video. This app provides slow-motion videos where you can slow the video to 0.5x and speed up the video till 2x. It also provides so many filters from vintage to black and white effect.

6. Efectum


Efectum is yet another video editing app available in play store. This app is easy and handly to use with limited feature but the result would be amazing. With the limited features it has, it gives you the best of all. You can trim the videos and edit it as well. Using this app you can either speed up or slow down the video. you can also add special effects to the video. So this app is simple and best to new for beginners with no editing knowledge.

7. Video Dieter 2

Video Dieter 2

People who need a better quality video for a smaller size, video dieter will be the best option. This app helps you to click slow-motion video for very fewer seconds also. You can add background music and filters to your video as well. You can even trim the video if any unwanted clip is present without affecting the other part o the video.

8. KineMaster


Last but not least is KineMaster editor app. Kinemaster application has a wide range of features available that are easy to use. It has various features such as video merging, voiceovers, background effects and so many filters. Kinemaster is free to use and you can download resolution up to 4k. In premium, there are few more additional access such as watermark removal, etc.

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