Top 8 android video editor App – Updated 2020

Introduction to Android Video Editor Apps

As the use of smartphone increased, people find doing any sort of work in smartphone as it is easy compared to pcs or laptops. Video edition in mobile makes it easy for any individual to work at any place, anytime. Video editors or any individuals who want to edit videos are in search of best apps available in the market today.

Let us discuss in detail the top 8 android editor apps which can be used free of cost and some cost some $$ for the pro version.

Top 8 video editor application for Android Mobile 2020

1. Power director

Power Director is one of the trending video editor application developed by Cyberlink. Using this app you can create a video as per your idea. It provides several features to make use of to create the best video you aim. This app provides a new update often so make use of all the updates to avail the best editing options they provide. Mostly free version covers almost a wide range of editing option but getting a subscription provides additional features such as ads and watermark removal and you can also download videos in 4k resolution and many more. This app is supported in Android 4.3 and you can download in google play store for free.

2. Kinemaster

Kinemaster is a popular video editor used by many video professionals. Kinemaster helps you to avail so many features in its application. It will be a little harder to make use of it in the first phase, later on, after knowing the techniques it helps a lot. Either a professional or non-profession can easily make use of this application. You can also combine multiple videos to one using kinemaster. It provides so many visual effects, chroma key and multiple effect layers. Kinemaster provides a free trial, later you need to pay for the monthly or yearly subscription to make use of all the features completely.

3. Viva video

It is again a popular video editing application used by many people to edit their short video. Mostly this video is used to edit short videos to upload in social media. This app provides various features to edit and trim videos as needed. This apps provides over 200 video filters. Its impressive features help to get a professional like video after editing. This application is thoroughly designed to achieve the best video editing experience providing several functions like cutting and trimming of videos, adding special effects, including stickers and many more.

4. FilimoraGo

Fillmore is a video editing app that is very popular in the video editing app category. It is used by many users across and there are so many downloads for this application. It is an app which is liked by many editors. Videos that are edited for Instagram can be cropped to 1:1 and 16:9 can be applied for youtube. It also provides cropping, trimming and special effects addition, etc.

5. Adobe Premier clip

As we all know Adobe Premier Clip is from Adobe which helps to do video editing right from the android device easily. It has a very professional video editing feature and it is easy to use.
It easily creates the video by just adding the photos or clips of your choice. It also provides various options like trimming, effects, animation, stickers, background music etc.

6. Moviemaker Filmmaker(free)

Moviemaker is also a simple video editing tool and it is known to be one of the best video editing apps in android. As every other video editing app this application also provide and good video editing features. However, this app is known to be easy to use. You can download it in play store and it is free of cost.

7. Quik

Quik is a simple and free video editor and can be used by anyone. Its simple features provide quick video editing experience. You can combine all the photos and Quik will recreate it to a video synchronizing with background music. You can crop and trim videos, add special effects and add text if needed. Not everyone needs an editing application to be intense, so this application will be useful for editing and uploading simple videos. You can save the video in 1080 or 720p in the camera roll or you can directly upload it n social media.

8. Magisto

Magisto is very good for the one who doesn’t have any video experience. This app provides an easy video editing experiment and helps editors to get the professional kind of edited video without much effect. Just select the photos or clips and add the background soundtrack and Magisto will create your video within minutes. You can also add special effects and other features and produce an excellent edited video of your choice.

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