10 best poses for female models – Insider Guide with Images

Are you someone who loves to be clicked, but posing to the photographs makes it odd for you to do it. Don’t worry there are few tricks to be followed to make you look no less than a professional. Light change in your posture will make a big difference. The tips we provide here will help you to gain more confidence and ready to show up.

Top 10 poses for female models with images

1. Standing pose (camera facing front)

  • Standing straight with no property.
  • Slightly fold your right knee and balance your weight on the left knee
  • Slightly bend your neck towards your right and give a bold look
  • You can either have your left hand on your hip or play with your hair. Leave your left hand free.
  • This looks creates and simple yet bold pose.

2. Standing post (Camera at back)

  • This is yet another classing and natural pose
  • This is a pose with one knee bent (left knee) at the back. While the right front knee is stepping forward.
  • Look straight with your hands flowing down or either place one on your hip with other leaving free
  • You can also pose like running slowly or walking. This will create a natural look while clicking at the back

3. Stand and Lean on the wall facing your back

  • This is a pose Leaning against the wall with one side angled towards the camera.
  • Lean on your back and keep your hand casual near your jean pocket.
  • Have an emotion in your eye like you are waiting for someone for a long time.
  • The photographer must make sure that less white is seen in the eye. SO angle the look accordingly.
  • The photographer needs to narrate the expression and look you expect to be in the pose.

4. Laying on the stomach

  • Laying on the stomach is yet a classic and a cute pose ever
  • Lay down on your stomach and move your chest up facing the camera
  • You can either fold your knees and criss-cross it or leave it down on the bed
  • Keep your hands on your cheeks and slightly bend your neck to towards your left or right.
  • Have a slight smile and pose cute.

5. Laying on your back and lookup

  • Lay on your back and look up at the camera.
  • Keep your one hand over the head with a slight bend in the elbow, while your left hand is resting on your chest
  • Keep your face slightly angled to show our cheekbone at the perfect angle.
  • Your legs can be laid down or bent on your knees

6. Face close up and the expression

  • Make sure that the makeup is well done and the features are well defined.
  • Concentrate on the lipstick and eye makeup
  • Contouring must be done to define the face perfectly
  • Ask your model to show some expression in her eyes
  • No place for a wide smile here. Slight smile or an attitude looks goes well with this pose

7. Play with your hair

  • Play with your beautiful hair
  • If your modal has a good hair ask her to shake her hair to highlight her beauty.
  • Try to blow the hair using a fan to create nice flowing look
  • Click pic using sunlight. Sunlight falling on the hair creates a beautiful pose.
  • A beautiful facial expression with good hair can do wonders on the photography.

8. Sitting on the floor

  • The floor is your friend. Sit down and strike a beautiful pose.
  • Sit down and try to strike some beautiful pose using some property like flowers, coolers, cap or something handy.
  • You can either fold your knees or leave it free.

9. Walking and a turn towards the camera

  • Walk front while your camera is at the back.
  • Walk and turn back to look at the camera casually.
  • You can either look straight to the camera or have a casual look down.
  • You can also make a 360 degree turn with your hands wide open.
  • With the camera shotting every angle you will get a nice pose.
  • Make sure to pick the right dress to play with poses.

10. Laying on your side

  • This is yet another playful pose.
  • lie on your side with your hand supporting your head. While your other hand touching the ground.
  • Leave your legs straight or give a slight bend to the knees
  • Give a straight look to the camera or a look down with slightly bending your head.

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